5 Ways to Cleanse Your Body After the Festive Season

No festival is complete without fun, laughter, dressing up and of course, yummy food! We can’t help but gorge on the mouth-watering sweets and fried goodies during festivals because they seem to be everywhere.

It’s hard to say no to that laddoo that your aunt has lovingly prepared or the barfis that come in from your city’s most famous confectioner. But what follows the revelry and the binge is guilt and heaviness in the tummy that doesn’t go away soon. Don’t stress about it though as all you need to do to get your body back on track is to go the detox way. Here’s how:

1. Water, Water All The Way

Drink plenty of water to flush out all the toxins from the body. Around ten glasses of water in a day should do the trick.

2. Tea, Please?

But green tea only, of course. Say bye to chai and coffee, and have 2-3 cups of green tea in a day. It will make you feel lighter and give your system the detox it needs.

3. Sugar No More

Ah, yes. Refined sugar needs to take a back seat when you’re on a detox diet. Sugar from fruits and dried fruits is the best way to satisfy that sweet craving.

4. Exercise Again

It’s time to put on those running shoes and get back to your exercise routine. Feeling pumped up again will make you feel great!

5. Start Your Day With Lemon And Apple Cider Vinegar

There’s no better way to jumpstart your metabolism than the good old lemon and apple cider vinegar combination. Drinking this will make you feel energetic and light again.

These tips should help your body detox after your festive binge. Don’t wait – start the cleanse now as your body has been waiting!


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