What patients & clients say about us

In total it has been a great treatment & special care, very glad that I made the right choice by choosing Sagar Chandramma. A memorable luxurious stay!! Thanks one and all. Loads & loads of Love.

Mrs. Sahana K

My first impression of walking into the hospital was that of a tranquil space. I believe they said it was designed in such a way that one does not feel like they are a patient or in a hospital. I must say that they have achieved it. Truly remarkable.

Ms. Ashley

The nurses never made me feel like a patient, they pampered me like a younger sister and gave their 100% in [carrying out] their responsibility. Looking forward to coming back [for my delivery].

Mrs. Syeda

Quiet place, huge open atrium is not visible from outside, but once you walk inside it [is] very nice. Very good service, very attentive staff & doctors. Would not like to go anywhere else, will recommend to all my family & relatives. Keep up the good work.

Mrs. Gayathri

We are so happy & my stay here was very pleasant! Would like to personally thank all the nursing staff for the constant support & so much love that they have showered on all of us!

Mrs. Sahana

Not as expensive as some of the other maternity setups. Good value for money.

Mr. Gowda

A wonderful experience. No negative comments except that pharmacy must stock more medications. My wife was delighted to deliver at Sagar Chandramma and so am I.

Mr. Tejas

Talking about this Hospital, I would say it’s luxurious care at affordable price. The staff, nurses are very courteous. One can even see Metro train passing from the glass walls and trust me it’s not annoying at all. The staff also arranged for Jain food. All in all very good experience and would recommend any time.

Mr. Geetesh Jain

We were fortunate to know about this hospital, we are glad our princess was born here last week, the staff and doctors are very cooperative and caring, the canteen is good but they take lot of time to serve. The facilities are good and sufficient for a hygienic and pleasant stay. There were no hidden costs and the bill was exactly the same which was presented to is before admitting.

Rajath K.

It looks like a 5 Star hotel and I didnt feel like hospital. Nursing staffs are very good. Consultant Doctor is very good and explained very well and got a good treatment.


It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s a home away from home. Probably the best staff in the whole wide world ! Every minute of our stay was incredibly comfortable, homely and warm. Sagar Chandramma undoubtedly has redefined the meaning of a maternity hospital. We will always keep the wonderful nursing staff in our prayers forever.

Amrutha Raveesh

Excellent Hospital with Courteous Staff. My wife’s delivery was very smooth and the cost is also affordable. Normal delivery is their first preference.

Harish Bhat